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Welcome to the Next Dimension

Technology changes commerce.

We're here to help you navigate the transition ahead to become a leader in the emerging shopping channel.

Imagine engaging your customers with the experiential element of brick & mortar, combined with the convenience, reach and scale of the web.


We use immersive technology (VR/AR/XR) to deliver shoppable, branded experiences — online in 3D digital space.

Contact us at, or through the button below to learn more.


About Us

Our team members are industry leaders, committed to helping brands and retailers connect with consumers in the new era.


We believe the next era of eCommerce should tie products and the online buying experience together to create memories of meaningful purchases.

We transcend the limitations of physical reality to deliver places to people for meaningful exchanges.

Our innovative technology is for brands who need to market, showroom, and sell products, and feel connected to consumers while they do it.

Get in touch to meet a member of the team.

About Us


VR and Shopping: Improving customer experiences.

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