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Welcome to a new dimension.



Spatial computing is a game changer.


We’re upgrading eCommerce to introduce a new kind of shopping for the experiential age: virtual access retail. 


Traditional eCommerce is convenient, but there are 2 core things you can’t really do now online: experience products, and bring a friend.

Now, more than ever, people want the things they buy to have meaning. Brands need to cut through the clutter and connect with consumers. No memories are made from a click, no meaning conferred to our purchases.

Virtual access retail allows us to take what is working in brick & mortar, the experiential element, and bring it online, for the convenience and scale of the web.


We use immersive technology (VR/AR/XR) to deliver shoppable, branded experiences, online in 3D digital space, to foster memorable, meaningful connections.




Join our pilot program to launch your brand into the new era of eCommerce, or talk to us about activations, sponsorship, and co-branding opportunities. Other innovative ideas and inquiries welcome!


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